YogaHut Tapovan’s Certified Yoga Teachers – Srilanka Team

(Sri Yogi Foundation – sri Lanka)

Highly Experienced Yoga Master & Teachers in Sri Lanka

Arjuna Wickramarachchi

Founder & Course Director
Sri Yogi Foundation

Arjuna Wickramaarachchi was Born to a Sinhalese Buddhist family In Sri Lanka, both parents were descended from a lineage of royal indigenous medicine, and the atmosphere of the family was very spiritual and intellectually rich which guided Arjuna Wickramaarachchi to start yoga practices at the age of 16 and counting 33 years of experience of teaching and practicing. Out of the same, counting 15 years in yoga teaching. He became a life member of Yogahut Tapovan Rishikesh – Himalaya India. Started training at YogaHut-Tapovan Yoga Ashram in 2007 under the guidance of Yogi Pramod. There, he gained experience in the disciplines of “Asana, Pranayama, and as well as crystal healing Therapy” to heal “Mental Health disorders”. And to help people to experience the yogic wisdom and purity of self.

Year by Year Arjuna kept returning to YogaHut-Tapovan for Further training to become a Yoga Guru, this intensity of his created a very holly and pure ( guru sishya ) bounding in between him and his guru YogiPramod. After successful completion of Advance Teacher Training and Six Month Yoga master Course, he was offered his master’s Degree. Then only Yogi Arjuna got an opportunity to work as a Yoga Guru to different nationals who participated to obtain training at YogaHut-Tapovan. As a well-qualified yoga master & Mental Health Therapist, he rendered his service at different institutions such as Ayurveda hospitals, Government institutions Universities, etc. while providing mass healing therapy camps carried out island-wide to overcome different ailments/diseases.

Time-to-time, his visit to the Himalayas, he used to practice Yoga in rare places and gained rich experience. This is a positive opportunity few yoga practitioners can obtain and successfully complete. Further, Yogi Arjuna has mastered the unique meditation methods contained in the Science of Yoga linking to the universal energy and cosmic power. Being engaged in long-term yoga training, he has a capacity to produce various types of “Wisdom and Energies” contained in the Science of Yoga bringing results to a large number of people

At present, Arjuna Founded his own yoga organization in collaboration with YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh India Himalaya Named Sri Yogi Foundation – Sri Lanka. At his school, Arjuna offers his yogic wisdom and many courses such as the Teacher Training course or Meditation Course, and Healing Course. Etc.

Padma Sanka

RYT 200 H / ERYT 200
Hatha & Shivananda Yoga

Padma Sankha was born in Sri Lanka. Currently, he is employed as an Operations Manager at one of the leading Energy Supply agencies in Sri Lanka after completing his Master’s Level Degree successfully apart From other educational qualifications of Advanced Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in English, and Diploma in Psychology.

Having a passion for engaging in managing his physical and mental wellbeing, he started his yoga practices under the guidance of Guru Arjuna Wickramarachi just after completing of schooling in the year 2005. While in his life journey, apart from maintaining goodwill and trust with a high degree of discipline coupled with Yoga practices towards success, he started sharing his experiences of the science of yoga with others. Also, he started training and mentoring officers at public and private sector establishments.

His primary focus is to build a mindfulness leader to drive a business towards success. His teaching, demonstration, and practicing of yoga over a period of seventeen years immensely created a vision within him to learn the best of yoga to link with universal energy he participated in the 200H Ashtanga Tristhana Yoga Teacher training course in 2019 At YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh Himalaya India Under the guidance Of Yogi Pramod, then share his abilities among the like-minded community to create mindful and happy leaders while managing physical and mental wellbeing.

Dhishan Dhammearatchi

RYT 200 / ERYT 200
 Ashtanga Tristhana  Yoga 

Dhishan Dhammearatchi was born in 1984 as an only child to a well-reputed and honored Sinhalese Buddhist family. His parents carry an ancestral linkage to multi-dimensional ownership ranging from inheritance to Education and Religious activities from the Kandyan Kingdom, Malate, Galle, and Sabaragamuwa provinces and districts of Sri Lanka. Presently, he is a Senior Lecturer and a Network Engineer by profession with 15 years of Academic and Professional experience.

His Primary and Secondary education was conducted at Ananda College, Colombo, and then he completed a Bachelor’s degree with Honours at Middlesex University, United Kingdom, in Information Technology, majoring in Computer Communication.

From childhood, he was into sports such as hockey and Wushu at the school level, apart from his major achievement of representing the Sri Lankan Junior National Swimming Squad. However, a major turning point started despite battling against many failures in his personal life; the focus was on the spiritual pathway which was opened in the year 2015. During the practice of Angampora, an ancient fighting style of Sri Lanka under Guru Karunapala, Dhishan’s fate led to Astrology. Being inquisitive, he always wanted to get to know more before following, where he met one of his life-changing Gurus, R. Jayathissa, in the year 2018. While getting educated by Guru R. Jayathissa in Astrology and spiritual awareness, Guru/Yogi Arjuna Wickramaarachchi of Sri Yogi Foundation of Sri Lanka was introduced by Guru R. Jayathissa. Guru Arjuna is not only a yoga practitioner but also an extreme practitioner of mediation and healing. This has proved as Guru Arjuna was able to capture Dhishan’s mind on the very first day.

Practicing yoga started in the year 2018 when Master Arjuna initiated Dhishan to Kriya Yoga pathway linking both physical and meditation practices by 2019. Guru Arjuna also directed Dhishan to Yogi Promod of Rishikesh, Himalaya, who is also a Guru to Guru Arjuna. Yogi Promod is one of the best disciples of the His Holiness Swami Rama, with many spiritual talents under his belt. Guru Yogi Promod, who is also the Grandmaster to Dhishan, entered him to the (200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program for deep knowledge of Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, and Yogic philosophy from Ancient Yogic Scripture and as well as Yoga methodology was thought,) Apart from this Dhishan was appointed as a co-teacher at Yoga hut Tapovan for 6 months to master his teaching abilities.

Currently, Dhishan is working on many advanced practices of the ancient Rishis and Swamis under the direction of his Grandmaster and his Master. He is also working on national/international projects with his Grandmaster and Master to spread the true value of Yogic Tradition in mental, physical, and spiritual awareness with the awakening of the Rishis and Swamis while training the inner core values of Buddhism.

Mr. sampath Dayarathna

ERYT 200
Ashtanga Yoga

Mr. Sampath Dayaratne is a career Chartered Valuation Surveyor, Researcher, Lecturer, Trainer, Yoga practitioner, and competent Project Manager. Counts about twenty-five years of working experience at the national and international level and about six years engage in practicing yoga. He has engaged in two remarkable projects in Sri Lanka namely (i) being the sole person to develop of Business Model for to first ever Makumbura Multi-Model Transport Center, in Sri Lanka and (ii) being a Team member in Moragahakanda Dam Project in Sri Lanka. As a researcher, orally presented at several conferences and forums locally and internationally. Published technical research articles in world-leading refereed scientific journals, in refereed conference proceedings, and in numerous monographs. One of the research findings on Carbon Labeling was accepted by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) for the development of a ten-year framework plan. For the contribution to the scientific showground, Mr. Sampath Dayaratne received the President’s Award for Scientific Publication in 2017 & for Carbon Footprint Reduction and “NWC-Award” in 2019 for the contribution, Made voluntarily for fifteen years toward Sustainable Living of Migrant Workers. His academic qualifications are Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management, Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management, and Master of Science in Estate Management and Valuation. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate. Also completed the Hatha-Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Program covering the module of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy, and Teaching Methodology, Diploma in Information Technology, and Diploma in Business Administration.

Mr. Uthpala Gunasekars

Master in Yoga
Anatomy & Philosophy

Mr. Uthpala Sankalpa Gunasekara, a divisional director of health for the Sri Lankan Health Ministry and a leading private medical practitioner in the town of Kuliyapitiya. A beautiful and divine journey of His to Yoga World started about 13 years back. Graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) followed by post-graduate qualification in Child Health and Pediatric Nutrition and freshly recruited as a medical officer in the government health sector. Also a member of the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

He realizing there are some valuable insights within and realized discover them deeper. However, it was hard to discover and define. To find a suitable solution, He engaged with religious activities mainly related to Buddhism. With the time, there was an opportunity to meet Yogi Guru Arjuna and realize the ability to discover and change way forward. After the initial interaction with Yogi Guru Arjuna, I started a Yoga wisdom journey.

However, with initial sessions, there were no such changes were realized, so decided to be continued. After a while, it was realized the changes in the mind and soul. I began to feel a sense of fulfillment and a never-ending foundation of happiness permanently appear in the soul. By showing dedication and faith further interest came in to carry out in-depth attention to yoga practices.

With the support of Yogi Guru Arjuna and senior master YogiPramod from Yogahut-Tapovan – Himalaya India, step-by-step took up the pathway of great yoga wisdom. Though I was directly guided and supported by both yogi master it was not a bed of roses. As a very busy medical practitioner, there were times to sacrifice a huge amount of free time to become a Regular Yoga Practitioner or to follow the teachings and instructions of respected yogi tradition, focusing on a great part of the life, hours of physical training, nights of meditation all pleased by divine masters.

By proving his deep respect and energy to follow the yogic wisdom path Mr. Gunasekara was offered as blessing to become a certified yoga teacher, yoga healer, and the President of the Sri Yogi Foundation of Sri Lanka.

Through hard work and dedication played a huge part in his success, it was not the total story. As Buddhists, it believes in rebirth. He believes that great yogi rishi, who were teachers in past lives showed the path to this success. As a medical practitioner, it is a great opportunity interested in yoga healing and specialized in yoga healing techniques. Mr. Gunasekara used these techniques in medical practice while researching the effectiveness of yoga techniques in various diseases. Having such a great journey, Mr. Gunasekara now looking to provide his service not limited to the local level, but a people-in-need in any part of the world with refreshing think. Through Shri Yogi Foundation global outreach program, whereby to help people in different ethnicities, and geo-locations with immense expertise in yogi teacher cum medical practitioner.

Mr. Deeptha Lakshitha

ERYT 200

After successful completion of primary and secondary education at Kanadulla Dharmaraja Maha Vidyalaya and Kuliyapitiya Central College, Mr. Deeptha Lakshitha Jayasuriya was elected to the faculty of the medical university of Peradeniya. Upon successful completion of a degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2005, he was assigned to Government Hospital as a medical officer. Currently engaged as a medical practitioner. Also a member of the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

During the training session conducted by Uthpala Gunasekara with Guru Arjuna Wickramaarachchi in 2013 at Bingiriya MOH Division, where I attended yoga for physical and mental health , raised a deep interest within him to continue Yoga training mainly focusing on yoga postures and meditation. As a result, I joined with Shri Yogi Foundation as a student. While learning as a student, I was able to complete Astanga Thristana Yoga from the founded YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh Ashram of Rishikesh- Himalaya India. Since then Mr. Lakshitha Jayasuriya works as a yoga instructor under the supervision of Guru Arjuna Wickramarachchi to date as a volunteer, while engaged with core career as a government medical officer. As a Yoga Instructor, contributions were made to patients who were suffering from non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and bronchial asthma. Those sessions brought remarkable results to recovery.